Privacy Policy


The personal data we hold on our records for-

The data we collect from tenants are mostly used for referencing and for the preparation of tenancy agreement. These documents are securely locked up in our filing cabinet.

The data we collect from the landlords are mainly used to identify the rightful owners of the properties to be let or sold and also to make remittances to them.

As agents, we collect personal data from prospective clients in order to carry out our duties and responsibilities effectively. For example, customers e-mail address. This is to enable us to communicate effectively with our customers.

All personal data collected, are kept securely for as long as they are needed and thereafter securely delete or destroy such documents, when they are no longer needed. Some personal data are required longer than others.

We carry out regular personal data checks to ensure that our records are accurate and up to date. We keep all our personal data secure in the office, for example, by using lockable filing cabinets and locking or logging off computer when away from our desk.

Our clients can exercise their rights regarding the personal data we hold about them. They can ask at any time to see what personal data we hold on them.

We are aware that our clients have the right to be informed. Being told what data we hold about them and what we do with it.

Right of access – being able to request a copy of their data that we hold.

The right to object –being able to request that we stop using their data. This request can be made in writing, verbally on phone and in person.

We are members of Money Shield please find our accounting rules here: